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"100 % All Natural"
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American Humane Association

Many companies have prepared ads that are misleading to consumers. Their intent is to lead you to believe that their products have attributes that they really do not have. Springer Mountain Farms feels it is important that you understand the truth about the products you purchase.

These misleading claims take many forms. One is the "100% All Natural" claim. Many companies want you to think that "100% All Natural" describes the process by which their chickens are raised and what they are fed. However, the USDA defines "Natural" as a "Product containing no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed." This definition has nothing to do with how the chickens are raised or what they are fed. It only applies to the processing facility and not the farm. Springer Mountain Farms, however, is proud to say that we are American Humane Assocation Certified for our low-stress, humane growing practices.

Companies also make the misleading claim that their chickens have never received Steroids or Hormones. What they do not tell you is that the USDA & FDA strictly PROHIBIT the use of Steroids and Hormones in poultry entirely; therefore, all poultry companies can make this claim. They put it on packaging to mislead consumers into thinking that Steroids, Hormones, and Antibiotics all fall into one category, but they do not. Steroids and Hormones are prohibited by the USDA & FDA, but Antibiotics are allowed. Eventhough they are allowed by the USDA & FDA, Springer Mountain Farms DOES NOT administer Antibiotics.

Springer Mountain Farms is proud to say that our chickens are not only "100% All Natural" with "No Steroids or Hormones," but also are produced with NO Antibiotics, are Never Fed Animal By-Products, and are American Humane Association Certified.

"All Natural"
National Brands
No Steroids or Hormones
No Antibiotics
Never Fed Animal By-Products
Feed Never Contains Traces of Contaminants (Pesticides)
Never Exposed To Predators
American Humane Association Certified

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